About Us

Stampfair.com, the oldest ”stamps only” and previously one of the largest stamp auction websites on the internet, was re-launched and rebranded as Stampden.com in 2018.

The re-launching brought with it, a totally new selling platform that reshaped it from a stamp auction like ebay, into a philatelic marketplace with a fixed price, multi seller, shopping cart model.

The new Stampden software brings many new benefits to both the sellers and the buyers. Some of them such as:


1. Sellers are required to go through the PayPal verification process, which assures that the seller has a bonafide PayPal account which covers their PayPal buyers with their “Buyer Protection” program. Sellers may elect to accept PayPal as their only payment method to be covered by the PayPal “Sellers Protection” program.

2. Buyers are NOT required to be PayPal verified as they are covered by the PayPal “Buyer Protection Program” when using PayPal and buy from a PayPal verified seller.

Shopping Cart:

1. When a buyer adds an item to their cart and does not pay for it immediately, it will only remain in the cart for 2 hours. If the item is not paid for in 2 hours, the item is automatically returned to stock, so the next buyer may see it. The seller need not relist the items, or do anything else.

2. If the seller postage settings are setup correctly, they may have 1 shipping rate and additional amounts for each additional item, eliminating the need for invoicing.

3. On request, we can help you set this up. contact me

Using the security provided by PayPal and the inability of buyers to harm they sellers by not paying, the seller can operate in a very safe, automated environment.

Affiliates – Additional revenue streams:

For buyers, sellers and affiliates:

Stampden has an affiliate program that allows buyers, sellers and unregistered stamp enthusiasts to act as stamp brokers by allowing them to sell their own, as well as other seller’s stamps.

Buyers: If you have always wanted to sell stamps, but don’t want to be bothered having to post your items or maintain an inventory, you can sell other people’s stamps by becoming an affiliate. By posting links and banners to Stampden, you can earn money to help support your hobby.

Sellers: By becoming an affiliate, you can earn commission on your own stamps as well as other seller’s items for any buyer you send to Stampden using your link code. Hopefully you will have an army of affiliates promoting your items.

Affiliates: If you do not wish to register at Stampden.com, or are not even a stamp enthusiast, but would like to earn extra income, you can register on our Affiliate Site and promote the site using the links and banners provided.


We pay 3% of the selling price for any buyer you send us. Additionally we pay $1 for every VERIFIED SELLER that registers. Sellers must become PayPal verified in order to sell at Stampden.

All commissions will be credited at the time of the payment for the item or PayPal verification. There is a $5 minimum payout that you can request once your earnings exceed $5. All payouts will be via PayPal or Skrill ONLY.

Any attempts at fraudulent activity will result in all commissions being revoked and accounts on the Stampden and the Stampden affiliate site will be terminated.

If you are already registered at stampfair / stampden, you can go to Stampden Affiliates, enter you stampfair / stampden user id and reset your password to your stampfair / stampden password. If you don’t remember it, you may use a new one, but must reset it at Stampden as well.

Once you have a working account on Stampden Affiliates, all of the marketing banners, links and link creation information are available once you register and login as an affiliate.

Joining Stampden:

If you are not currently registered at stampfair / stampden, please sign up.

In order to sell on stampden, you must get PayPal verified. You can see the button for this in your member’s area. After getting verified, you must enable and setup your store. Once all this is done, you may start listing your items.

I encourage you to move your business to The Stamp Den as we have a very nice bulk upload system (.cvs) that I will be more than happy to help you with. Many other sites have an export function that would help you to upload your items to The Stamp Den.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me or go to the Stampden HELP!

The Stampden Administrator